When looking at the idea of reliability and validity one sees that both come hand in hand

When looking at the idea of reliability and validity one sees that both come hand in hand. One without the other will not have a follow through. The reliability is that of consistency in research and also within the given results. This in turn, ensures the validity of the results when the reliability is proven.

There is internal and external reliability and within these we see that both can often be used within the same forms of research. The internal reliability is a measure that is consistent within itself and the external is when the measure varies from one use to another. The validity also has internal and external forms and this also shows, within the same measure, however with internal validity the effects observed in a study look for whether or not the independent variable is manipulated or shown through some other factor (Reynolds & Livingston, 2013). The external validity refers to the generalization of other settings, people and time. There is predictive, construct and concurrent validity and these are factors that are chosen within the different forms of research being done.

A test may be high on the internal reliability and validity due to having the ability to measure the base that is present and not have to find and conduct several outside factors. It could be low on the internal side if there is not enough to measure within the testing process. This is the same for the validity aspects, as the study is observed through the validity and based on the performance of the reliability. A researcher can increase the reliability within a development of a test by providing a strong subject to be researched and using true/false, frequency formatted and the mixture of the two for their testing processes (Xu, 2014). This in turned would increase the validity and help give the testing process a strong process and help create clarity within the given results.

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