write 1 paragraph summary

Write a one-paragraph summary of one of the reading assignments from the textbook.


Reading assignments to choose from are


from Beowulf – trans. Burton Raffel

Children – Slawomir Mrozek

The Jar – Luigi Pirandello

Death of a Tsotsi – Alan Paton

Judges Must Balance Justice vs. Young Lives – Patricia Edmonds

Youth Violent Crime Keeps Climbing – J.L. Albert

Action Will Be Taken: An Action-Packed Story – Heinrich Boll

from The Life of Henry the Fifth – William Shakespeare

Speech, May 13, 1940 – Winston Churchill

The Thrill of the Grass – W.P. Kinsella

from Night – Elie Wiesel

This Too Is Everything – Shu Ting

A Marriage Proposal – Anton Chekhov


There’s plenty more reading assignments in the book. If you can help me but need more choices let me know. Thanks

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