write presentation me do not write essay


EPA published an economically significant proposed rule intended to reduce CO2 emissions from existing power plants. EPA expects annual compliance costs of $5.5 billion, climate benefits of $17 billion, and co-benefits of between $16 billion – $37 billion in 2020. Comments are due on October 16. Read the agency’s 375-page regulatory impact analysis here

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Prepare the presentation regarding the proposed rule.  Include a summary of the rule, your critical evaluation of the agency’s case for the rule based on the cost-benefit analysis, the issues raised in the public comments, and your outside research on the proposal.  Make a recommendation to adopt, revise, or reject the proposal. 

Prepare a brief presentation of your recommendation , to tell the rest of the class about the rule you have been studying.  


write a presentation for me. (do not write as essay).  MLA format. 12pt. double space.  3 pages( not including work cited page)

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