you are going teach lesson your choice create student assessment will assess what you want

You are going to teach a lesson of your choice. Create a student assessment that will assess what you want the students to learn. This assignment can be of any assessment type that was described in this week’s readings. Some you can choose from include: 1. Informal versus formal assessment – spontaneous versus planned purpose 2. Paper-pencil versus performance assessment – written down versus demonstration 3. Traditional versus authentic assessment – the 3Rs versus application 4. Standardized versus teacher-developed assessment – global comparisons versus classroom lessons 5. Criterion-referenced versus norm-referenced assessments – accomplishments to specific criteria versus group averages to some measure After writing your assessment, in an essay of 750 words, respond to the following: 1. Discuss the characteristics of the student assessment that make it reliable. 2. What motivational factors does the assessment include to encourage students to do well? While MLA style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and textbook citations and references should be presented using MLA documentation guidelines
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