500 word report course decision making and problem solving

Students will be assessed on their knowledge of the concepts covered in the course and their capacity to apply that knowledge to improve business decision making.


Individual Project 

Each student will identify a company and conduct a research project on the company’s management problem.

Some suggested companies are:  Qantas, Fosters.  You may however choose any company from any country. 

A business can be thought of as a stream of decisions:

What product should we make

What price should we charge

How should we get the product to market

How should we communicate with potential customers about the product

What regions should we operate in

What partners should we have

What market segments exist and which ones should we target

Who should we employ

How much training should we deliver

Who should we promote

What IT supplier should we use

What advertising agency should we use

Where should the office be located

And many more.

You should not be limited by this list.


Sourcing both secondary and primary data, analysing and then drawing realistic conclusions, it will be presented in a report format and then the key issues and findings are to be presented.


Finally submit a 500 word report utilising the concepts and models covered in the lectures to analyse, discuss, identify alternatives and make recommendations to improve the performance of the organisation.

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