8 short essay questions oral communication

Deadline Is Wednesday May 22nd at 12:00 pm Pacific standard time.  Please be aware of the deadline before accepting the assignment. Thanks.


Oral Communication

100 level class communication class

Answer the following short essay questions

Minimum 4 sentences per answer.



1.)  Briefly define and explain the terms (a) ethos, (b) pathos, and (c) logos.  Based on normal and personal perspective, discuss how knowledge of these classic ideas might impact and/or influence one’s public address.

2.)  Discuss the challenge in precisely defining the process of persuasion.  Discuss ho this challenge might impact the way one approaches general discussion, informal argumentation, and persuasive public address.

3.)  Compare and Contrast inductive reasoning with deductive reasoning. Relative to these terms, explain the difference between “validity” and “truth” Discuss ways to “neutralize” both styles of argument.

4.)  Compare and Contrast the interpersonal definitions of “discussion” and “argument” Discuss how knowledge of the two definitions might affect one’s interpersonal communication style.

5.)  List and explain the four “functions” of nonverbal communication cues relative to nearly simultaneous verbal cues. Give Examples.

6.)  Discuss the importance of references in public address. Why are peer-reviewed journals the most credible? List other important references, and rank them to their perceived credibility.

7.)  Define the following terms (a) communication; (b) nonverbal Communication; (c) Interpersonal Communication; and (d) persuasion

8.)  Discuss the role of nonverbal cues in argumentative/persuasive public address and in interpersonal communication.  Discuss how knowledge of these might affect one’s personal communication style.



Please include references in at least 4 of the questions, with at least one being a peer-reviewed journal.  Thanks.

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