bfs and dfs navigation tree1 ask user number numbers less or equal

BFS and DFS navigation in a tree 1. – Ask the user a number of numbers less than or equal to 30 2. – One through the number that the user chose to enter desired values ??(integer) 3. – Pass after I enter numbers into a vector and on screen display it 4. – Pass vector values ??within a tree 5. – And display it! 6. – with 2-button the user can choose different navigation by BFS (breadth first searc) or DFS (deapth First Search) 7. – When a parent node is visiting paint it black and in a queue to display it part (called the queue by exemple visiting) and their children paint gray 8. – Depues being visited spend one node to another queue (call and visited for example) 9. – And a node visited paint it red

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