Diagnostic Impression

Case Study Instructions and Template

This is a comprehensive project divided into 2 Case Study sections. The expectation is that you will be able to show a working understanding of the course material thus far (Case Study 1: Chapters 1–5; Case Study 2: Chapters 6–7, 9). Case Study 1 will include all parts of the assessment, except the final 2 sections of treatment recommendations and recovery recommendations, which will be the requirements of Case Study 2. The chapter readings and additional materials available each week will enhance your ability to excel in this project. Review the “How to Approach a Case Study” document prior to composing your assignment.

For each case study, you are to read the provided Case Study Vignette and complete a thorough assessment based upon the information presented within the Case Study using the Case Study Template below. Both Case Studies will use the same Case Study Vignette. Case Study 1 will include the section headings Reason for Assessment through Spirituality. Case Study 2 will include the final 3 section headings: Diagnostic Impression, Treatment Plan, and Aftercare Recommendations.

Current APA format is required for all components of the paper (title page, citations, reference list). This case study needs to be strongly supported by the literature (a minimum of 5 sources for Case Study 1 and a minimum of 5 additional sources for Case Study 2) and, if done properly, will render 15–20 pages. This project is designed for you to show a working understanding of the course materials; therefore, it is truly a comprehensive project.

Each Case Study is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of the assigned module/week.

Case Study Template

Page one is the title page formatted in current APA style (running head, page number, title page information).

Case Study 1 or 2 [Title should correspond with assignment]

Begin line 1 of page 2 with a current APA formatted title (matching the title page). Be sure to format page 2 and forth in current APA style (running head, page number, headings, and citations).

Reason for Assessment

Briefly describe why you are completing a substance abuse assessment for the individual in the Case Study Vignette. This information is provided in the vignette. Summarize the information into your own words. Quotes must be limited to statements made by the client and these must be minimal.

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