Family Affair


Please choose one of the videos below, critique it, bring in at least one scholarly study about the topic, share at least one new statistic (cite & ref), and share one local community resource.

The first 4 links are to short TED talks. You also have the option to find a video on your own or critique one of the documentaries. Please note the potential for triggers and choose carefully. If you are concerned about the topic this week, please email Dr. B.

 If you don’t want to critique a TED talk, there are several full feature films & documentaries about child abuse on Amazon & Netflix. You may watch one of the following or choose another:

Please be aware that watching one of the films may trigger.

–Family Affair (Chico Colvard) Netflix

–Just Melvin, Just Evil

–Josef Fritzl

–Let’s Talk About It

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