five hours pleaseanyone

1- (1-2 pgs) “The Bad Seed” Maxuel Anderson 1950´s “perfect nuclear family” 

consider how music and visual tools allow Anderson to create the environment that doesn’t seen to be right for a behavior film yet poits to it.

how do the stories characters tell fit the plot?

what does the film suggest about family? consider the mother’s feeling and actions. 


2- (1-2 pgs)comparation between “The Bad Seed” and “Guess Who is Coming For Dinner” 

also connect your onw experiences or observation of life


3- (1-2pgs) connect to well’s thesis: “the concept of race is not only socially divisive but scientifically incorrect”

list nature/nuture connections (using the movie “guess who is coming for dinner”


4-picture 1


5- picture 2


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