globalization and business it

BRW Research Report (Individual or Group) 

Worth: 40%
Length: 4000 words

Students will select an organization of their choice and conduct one or two site visits, interview the relevant person(s) and write a magazine article regarding the organization as a whole or a department of the organization. You will need to choose a specific topic to investigate in relation to Globalization and/or Business IT.

This article should be written with the intention that it will be published in BUSINESS REVIEW WEEKLY (

Students should gain practical understanding of the key activities of global business and its 1001 facets that are part of a multinational or national organization. This task also assists in the development of interpersonal skills.

It has been said that various global cultures need to become cultures of achievement (manufacturing, upturn in productivity, successfully managed environments, productive esprit de corps, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, excellence and pride in work). This business magazine article should encompass some of the topics, concepts and issues covered in this field of study.

This is a major piece of research that will be undertaken by a group of no more than five students.

In choosing an organizations students should carefully consider the need to address the specific requirements of the assessment. The choice of organization is very important. If in doubt please contact the lecturer. In your choice, also consider an organization, which is of manageable size and complexity for the project. When approaching an organization, it is essential that you make it clear that the project is for educational purposes only, and forms part of your assessment ISYS 2394 Globalization and Business IT

Assessment criteria
•Introduction with background 
•Evidence of relevant concepts; Basic understanding,
•Clarity, relevance and conciseness of the discussion, integration
•Development of coherent theme (inc content)
•Relevance and integration of ideas 
•Soundness of assertions and evidence
•Evidence of having read widely 
•Quality & relevance of quotes/references.
•English usage & writing skill, succinctness, editing
•Visual presentation (The use of graphs, visuals and scanned photos are essential to your piece of work. Content, layout, neatness, originality of presentation are important to the overall final product).

will e-mail the lectuers after the hand shake.

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