instructions create annotated bibliography see pp 280 1 critical issues five 10 or more rese

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Due date: wednesday, december 09 at 10 a.m


TITLE: Does Violent Games Make You Aggressive

instructions: Create an Annotated Bibliography (See pp 280-1 in Critical Issues) of five (10) or more Research Sources – at least five (5) Database Journal Articles, and optionally One (1) additional Online Source e.g. a website, and/or One (1) Source Available in Print e.g. a book, magazine or newspaper. This should be an ANNOTATED SOURCES LIST that includes entries you have collected and believe you may want to include in your final project draft. The reference items listed on this document should be in MLA FORMAT. Each item must include annotations – comments, paraphrase, summary and quote. For the issue and position you take in the FINAL DRAFT, your Works Cited List must: 1. include at least five (5) database sources that support your position – Contention. 2. include at least two (2) database sources that refute your position – Refutation. 3. be MLA Formatted.

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