motivation plan 0


Use the DISC assessment results from your Learning Team members.


Interview your mentor to gather information about your mentor’s organization, the department your mentor works in, and his or her job description.


The Interview. My mentor works for an automotive industry, which builds wiring harnesses for automobiles. She is the Human Resource manager in the Human Resource department. Her job is to make sure that all departm4nt managers had the people they needed to operate their department, so she did the recruiting and hiring. She did all the interviewing so that she would be the first person the new hire would meet; this is where she began her motivation and training sections. As Human Resource manager her department handled payroll, benefits, incentives, attendance, discipline, and termination.


Write a plan that may be applied to your mentor’s department and that would increase your Learning Team members’ motivation, satisfaction, and performance based on their personal profiles, as if they were employees of that department.


Required Elements:


  • No more than 1400 words
  • Analyze specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values among your Learning Team members, and address how each difference might be used to positively influence behavior.
  • Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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