nurs 4021 wk 6 discussion



Innovative Delivery Care Models (250-350 WORDS)

This week’s readings emphasized the need for nurses to act as agents of change within their institutions. Of particular note, the globalization of the health care industry through the Internet has brought the world at large into the hospital to scrutinize how well it works. The forces of technology and politics play an equal role in shaping the face of medicine. Nurses confront the challenge of meeting both the needs of society and those of their patients.

To prepare for this Discussion, search the internet using the terms “Innovative Nursing Care Delivery Models”. Review at least two innovative models. Also review this week’s assigned readings, including ANA’s Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice as they apply to your specialty area, ANA’s Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nursing, and ANA’s Nursing’s Social Policy Statement. Then, respond to the following:

How will the model support the role of the professional nurse in meeting the needs of today’s health care consumer?

Which leadership skills are needed by the professional nurse to promote positive patient outcomes in this model?

How might this model of care change or support the role of the nurse as defined by ANA’s Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and ANA’s Nursing’s Social Policy Statement?




Support your response with references listed below:







Course Text: Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses: Interpretation and Application. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


“Provision 5


“Provision 8”


Course Text: Nursing: Scope & Standards of Practice

Course Text: American Nurses Association. (2010). Nursing’s social policy statement: The essence of the profession. Silver Spring, MD: American Nurses Association. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases

“Nursing’s Social Policy Statement: An Overview” through “Conclusion” (pp. 1–35)


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