powerpoint customer service

Many companies are still working through the best employment strategy to use when hiring homeshoring reps. Consider the following examples of two people who are interested in becoming an e-rep.


Mai Lee has over 25 years of customer service and administrative experience and is completely bilingual in Vietnamese and English. She has a home office with high-speed Internet, a great phone service, and most everything else she needs to work from home. However, she has been fired from her last three jobs because of excessive absences due to caring for her elderly parents.


Raúl was born in San Diego, California but is now moving to Canada. He has muscular dystrophy, which robs him of motor skills and his ability to hold down his last job as a technical data clerk. His physical challenges prevent him from working outside his home but he has excellent communication skills. He sees working as a homeshore rep as an opportunity to be productive and earn money for his family by taking customer service, technical support, and inbound sales calls from his home.

  1. Given these two persons who show an interest in a homeshoring position, evaluate each one’s strengths and weaknesses relative to a largely unsupervised position of working at home.
  2. To what extent do you think the concept of homeshoring will change the type of person who applies for these kinds of positions?

Submit your answers to the questions as a PowerPoint presentation, using 12-pt. font

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