Provide a brief summary (1–3 sentences) for your article(s) explaining why it supports your rationale

I really need this today 06/20 in about 3 hours CST. Our group will be with domestic violence survivors.  Only bid if you can get it done today please.

Here are the guidelines of what need to be in the discussion:


· Each member should select at least one recent (published in the past 5–10 years), peer-reviewed journal article in APA formatting that supports the rationale for the group. Provide a brief summary (1–3 sentences) for your article(s) explaining why it supports your rationale. Be sure to include the Walden Library permalink or DOI so your colleagues and faculty may review the article.

· In conjunction with your cohort members, select the resources that best support your rationale. Use these to begin a draft of your brief literature review in your working proposal document.

· Refine and clearly state your group objectives in measurable terms. (What can group members expect to change as a result of participating in your group?)

· Outline the practical considerations for your group. This should include group size, screening procedure, location of meetings, and necessary informed consent. Determine if the group is to be an open or closed group, how you plan to recruit members, the number of expected sessions, and the group structure.

· Consider potential inclusion and diversity themes, such as how diversity may impact early group process or how you might address bias.

· Add any proposed curriculum or theoretical underpinning that would be appropriate for your group. (This may emerge from the literature.)

· Consider any additional leadership skills and/or training that might be required.

Required Readings

Corey, M. S., Corey, G., & Corey, C. (2018). Groups: Process and practice (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage.Chapter 6, “Initial Stage of a Group” (pp. 175–220)

Corey, G., Corey, M. S., & Haynes, R. (2014). Groups in action: Evolution and challenges (2nd ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage.

  • Part II, “The Initial Stage”

Here is an example of a classmates post.

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