PSY1012 Rasmussen College Mod 4 Hoarding Disorder Annotated Bibliography

Using your annotated bibliography and references as a guide, write a rough draft of your Psychology Research Paper.

Your paper must be 3 pages in length, not including a title page and reference page. The paper must not only describe current trends within your topic area, but you should demonstrate how your topic relates to the broad field of psychology. It should contain a strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 3 different sources. Include both in-text citations and a References page in APA format.

Name: Annotated Bibliography Rubric

Novice Competent Mastery
Three different reputable soruces used to support research (NO ‘.coms’). Use the Rasmussen Library, .edu, .org, or .gov

Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 2 (6.66666%)

0-1 reputable source

Points Range:4 (13.33333%) – 4 (13.33333%)

2 reputable sources

Points:6 (20.00%)

Points Range:6 (20.00%) – 6 (20.00%)

Three reputable sources

Feedback:Good sources!

Proper spelling, grammar, and each source is cited in APA formatting (All entries should be alphabetized; only the 1st letter of the 1st word of ANY APA reference title is capitalized unless it contains a proper noun or a word follows punctuation such as a period, question mark, or colon)

Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 2.9 (9.66666%)

Serious errors in the formatting, spelling, and grammar

Points:3.96667 (13.22222%)

Points Range:3 (10.00%) – 5.9 (19.66666%)

Some errors in the formatting, spelling, and grammar

Feedback:See the comments in your submitted paper regarding corrections which need to be made to your reference entry formatting.

Points Range:6 (20.00%) – 6 (20.00%)

Critical accuracy with APA formatting, spelling, and grammar

Each citation is supported by an annotation that includes a: Summary, Assessment, & Reflection (I cover these in the lecture)

Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6 (20.00%)

Each source (or less) is only summarized

Points:12.94545 (43.15151%)

Points Range:7 (23.33333%) – 17.9 (59.66666%)

Two areas or less are fully addressed (or some may have parts of 3 areas addressed)

Feedback:You included a summary and reflection for each entry. However, you did not assess the quality of your source. I explained exactly what was needed for this assignment in the lecture and there was a sample annotated bibliography in the module.

Points Range:18 (60.00%) – 18 (60.00%)

All three areas are fully addressed

Raw Total: 22.91212 (of 30)

Name:Annotated Bibliography Rubric

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