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EH 1020, English Composition II


The purpose of this assignment is to help you formulate an inventory of topics that you are interested in so that you may choose one to research. You will want to choose a topic that is academically viable.



You will supple three (3) topics in each of the following four (4) categories:


1. Academic subject

2. Social issue

3. Scientific subject

4. Cultural background


Within each of these four (4) categories, you supply three (3), possible academic topics. Use the following format to organize your topics inventory:


1.    Personal interest

2.    The category ( repeated from above: academic study, social issue, scientific subject and cultural background)

3.    Three possible academic topics (each should be distinctive, developed, and as specific as possible


After you complete Part 1, you will have twelve (12) possible topics that you could choose from and develop into a research project. You will choose one of these and work with the same one for Part II and Part III.


Example: Academic Study


1.    Personal interest: Cars

2.    Academic subject: Eco-engineering

3.    Possible academic topic:

• “The Fate of Hybrid Vehicles: The Cost Is Not Worth the Environmental Toll”

• “Hydrogen Cars: Are They a Safe Alternative?”

• “Electric Cars Are Not ‘Saving’ Environmental Resources, Only Saving

                 “Money at the Gas Pump”






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