system implementation 2

Once a new system has been coded, tested, and installed, the systems development team does not simply walk away. The organization members left with the new system, the users, will need a solid understanding of how the new system fits into their work lives and how the system can support them in their day-to-day work activities. User documentation, training, and continuing support are all parts of providing this solid understanding. In some organizations, other specialists in the IS department, such as technical communicators, trainers, local experts, and help desk employees, will be available to help the analyst complete this part of the implementation process. In other organizations, the analyst may have to do most of this work alone.Have you ever been part of a new system implementation? If so, how did it go?

  1. Did the system designers provide proper training?
  2. How much documentation was provided?

If you have not been part of a system implementation, what would you do as the lead system designer to ensure the implementation went smoothly? You can also consider the installation of small software systems, such as one for your personal use, or a larger software system where you or someone you know works.

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