virgil aeneid research task just copying and pasting

Need research done under the following headings – easy work – just copying and pasting analysis (but not huge blocks of text, relevant info). Use Google books and Google scholar. No Sparknotes. I’d also like 2 critics’ opinions for each heading, with references of where it came from.



Similarities and differences with Homer/ how it fits with the epic  tradition

How heroism is defined/presented

Character analysis Aenias



How does it glorify Rome? Is it for or against Caeser?

Prophesy and prediction

Fate/predestination/ free will – would Aenias have made it to Italy without divine intervention?


(relationship between fate and gods, gods interaction with mortals, how gods behaviour reflects on human behaviour)

Presentation of women

(Dido, Lavinia, Creusa, Amata, Camilla, Juno, Venus, Minerva, Andromache, Helen, the female body)

Sympathetic or not

Suffering of wandering




Differences in depiction of Trojans and Italians

Sex and sexuality 

Relationship between individual and society

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