Communication is a critical skill for every profession–including nursing.

Using the following resources as the required reading material, write a discussion post containing not less than 300 words.

  • Read Purdue OWL: Writing as a Professional Nurse
  • Purdue OWL_Nurse.pdf

Communication is a critical skill for every profession–including nursing. For your discussion, write a post describing the kind of written and oral communication that you do at work as a Pharmacy Technician. How much of your typical work day is occupied with speaking and writing? What kinds of documents do you compose? Recall a time when you experienced a problem at work as a result of poor communication. What were the causes of and possible remedies for the problem? How do you think studying technical writing would help you in your current work as a Pharmacy Technician and future work as a Registered Nurse?


Your discussion should:

  • be carefully structured with a beginning, a middle, and an end
  • should employ complete, grammatical sentences that form coherent and cohesive paragraphs.
  • must address all the question(s) asked and be on topic
  • must reflect that you have done the required reading. *****To show that you’ve done the required reading, you are required to summarize, quote, or paraphrase at least a few key ideas from the reading in your response. Make sure you cite your sources (APA format) using in-text citations and include a reference at the bottom of your post.

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