What are some considerations to be made from the therapist’s point of view?


Choose two strategic interventions, such as paradoxical interventions, you may consider to address issues when working with a family. What are some considerations to be made from the therapist’s point of view? Describe the process of considering these interventions. Paradoxical techniques play a significant part of Strategic Family Therapy.  Please discuss the techniques with educational support in the primary post.Communication: To conclude your analysis paper, you will create evidence-based recommendations for both addressing the concern and communicating your recommendations to the aging population. A. Recommendations to Address Concern: Propose a recommendation to address the concern based on your previous analysis. Justify your recommendation with evidence. B. Communication Strategies: Propose strategies for appropriately communicating your previous recommendation to the aging population, justifying how your proposed strategies are appropriate. Consider the specific tools for communicating the recommendation and why these tools are most appropriate for the aging population. C. Tailor Communication Strategies: Explain how you will target your communication strategies to meet the potentially diverse needs of the aging population. For example, how will you tailor your communication strategies to be appropriate for individuals who are blind, home-bound, or deaf?

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