Explanation of transgenderism


In Week 4, you submitted your Final Project topic to your Instructor for approval. This week, you will submit an outline of your Final Project paper. As a reminder, your analysis and literature review of the topic should focus on psychological aspects.

To prepare

  • Review the Final Project Outline Exemplar in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Review the Walden Writing Center’s resource for creating an outline in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Create an outline of your paper for the topic you selected for your Final Project in Week 4.

I uploaded my week 4 assignment to assist with the outline and here is a sample of the outline:

DPSY 6218/8218: Gender and Human Development Final Project Outline Example


1. Introduction and overview

a. Explanation of transgenderism

i. Key definitions ii. Theories of transgenderism b. History of transgenderism i. Medical diagnoses and treatments ii. Political events and movements 2. Research on trans mental health a. Challenges i. Differentiating from lesbian, gay, and bisexual research ii. Accessing the trans population iii. Political and funding support b. Recommended solutions i. Targeted research on full spectrum of trans population ii. Outreach to trans community iii. Advocacy 3. Psychological health and well being a. Challenges i. DSM and pathologizing transgenderism ii. Mental health issues among trans individuals b. Recommended solutions i. Affirmative therapy ii. Advocacy for removal of diagnosis 4. Conclusion a. Assessment of recommended solutions b. Final recommendations for social change recommendations

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